Service and solution oriented data consulting.


Development of highly specific statistical prediction models exactly fitting your needs.


Within the last decade, data driven models and methods have become an essential part in almost all decision-supportive processes in many business fields, including economy, finance, marketing, e-commerce, production industry and R&D. The variety of problems and questions that arise is large; the amount and type of collected data is different depending on the field of application. For this reason, we develop highly adapted mathematical models which specifically target the needs and questions of our clients. The models will help you to get new insights in your data and to make better decisions. There are many possible applications and we already developed models successfully for a lot of different business cases.

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Datawarehousing and more

Business Intelligence

Our mission is to help our customers to establish a professional BI process, which turns data into actionable information. As a result of every BI project, we want to make sure that our customers fully understand 1. the potential of their data and its data sources 2. the meaning and implications of KPIs the BI can provide and 3. how to use these learnings and establish data-driven decision processes within your company.

At 7Plans we are strongly specialized on eCommerce BI solutions and have a profound knowledge about shop and ERP systems, OM tracking tools and the most common techniques to analyze online and offline marketing, inventory control performance, product performance and onsite/funnel behavior.

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Having worked for the most successful eCommerce startups in Europe, we have a deep understanding for marketing analytics and its various range of methodologies for online and offline channels. With its ongoing automation, marketing is more than ever data-driven and requires a broad set of techniques and tools for performance evaluation.

For each client, we develop an unique set of evaluation methodologies considering its customer acquisition strategy and CRM. We are highly-experienced with performance marketing as well as with the classical offline channels, like TV, print and radio. We understand, that both, the traditional and the online marketing, have their different impacts and are very often overlapping. Let us help you to crunch your marketing data and boost your ROI with the perfect budget distribution!

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